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FFFFelix´x second installment!

FERAL FANTASY FELINE FELIX´x second installment is... A thing to behold! A thing I bring to your attention today, dearest of friends, dearest of foes. This update will also include another peek into the development of IN HELL´s second chapter, but will focus on FERAL FANTASY FELINE FELIX first and foremost.


So fucking cool huh? Fancy as fuck too! I worked hard to make it worth staring at, hid many a secret and jewel within. As I´ve explained in the past, I endeavor to produce pictures worth staring at for a long time, ones that just might stick in you.

I hope you will not be content with the initial impact of the image and grant it THE BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT, grant it your true attention, and a more sizeable portion of your day, that you may truly savor the pleasures to be had in it (they are many).

IMMA tell you all about them.

If you remember, I shared the first installment of this new series LAST YEAR. You can click HERE to open a link to that blog-post.

I am asking for 30 retweets (again) to produce a third one. Please click HERE and help me share this dream around.

Back to Felix.

I love the HELL out of FELIX. He´s such a cool cat. A surreal hero that has never truly shined too too brightly in the mainstream, but has nevertheless managed to persist within humanity´s dreams for more than a century now.

persistant, loveable fucker

I used to watch the "Felix the Cat: Movie" when I was a kid. It featured a relatively realistic, tall, human female as a love interest for the daring rascal, and an underground journey filled with imagination. It didn´t really matter to small future GELADAA if the technical prowess showcased in the film wasn´t terribly high; it managed to carve itself a permanent abode within my young heart. MAYHAPs that happened on your side of things as well.

I remember vividly one key moment, much later, that made me understand just what sort of hero Felix is. That moment (seen below) clearly illustrates that he is a creature worthy of careful consideration, a creature worth remembering. Are the powers he exhibits here not worth LUSTING after? I think they are.


I aim to continue in the proud tradition of such works.

Here are some paths into the work/pertinent ideas that may help you become sensitive to the second FERAL FANTASY FELINE FELIX comic.

1-The door to the slumbering darling´s dream is now Felix´s silhouette from the first page; a "trope" taken from the great Jeff Koons. Frames are EVERYTHING in communication, in thought... as political actors know. The grey gradient limbo, the bed-frame, the whirling white sheets, the hidden girl within them, the cat-shaped dream-frame (once a door INTO the dream) and the mysterious landscape we peek into thru it; this picture features many frames.

This piece is called "Donkey" I believe, it´s super cool.

2-Felix is stablished as a shapeshifter of sorts, becoming a more realistic panther now, and multiplying within a frame to convey the passage of time. Within a dream, within a comic, there could be many different explanations for a character "cloning" itself. I find this sort of repetition fascinating; there is a rich history of evolving meanings behind such things. One of my favorite examples is this painting by Caravaggio, in which different characters seem to combine to illustrate a CHAIN of gestures/emotions.

The "bent elbow towards the viewer" was also revolutionary...

Or how about THIS sort of thing, from Guilty Gear STRIVE, where a character is "fast to the point of multiplication/being many places at once".

Within my picture, Felix multiplies and asserts himself in multiple dimensions, thru multiple vessels, bodies and language structures.

Let us keep searching for:

new concepts, new spaces, new places, new people...

in which, thru which, with which to find... ourselves.

And let us look forward to some mouth-wateringly cool GELADAA MERCH in the near future.

Catch you later! Oh and here´s the peek into INHELL:

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