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Gods IN HELL (plural)

Updated: Apr 18

Bashful darlings

HELL-o again.

I welcome you to another blog-post. I´ll be sharing some of the things currently on my mind, I´ll be sharing NEW INHELL art as well, it should be fun.

Let´s get to it.

I´ve been watching/reading/reading about "The Three Body Problem". Kind of obsessed with it right now.

In case you didn´t know "The Three Body Problem" is a series of science-fiction books written by a Chinese author whose name I refuse to look up. I ALMOST have it memorized... but not quite. Isn´t this more interesting that just reading the fucking name? I could have it in a second, copy paste the thing, but I refuse to do it. I´d rather write about how I refuse to do it it seems.

In any case, the books are quite something. They deal with current-day Earthlings awakening to the terrifying reality of a hostile cosmos, filled with super-advanced alien species killing each other across unthinkable distances. Killing each other, mind you, often without even knowing each other, a kind of state of perpetual, genocidal conflict deprived of the romantic pleasures commonly associated with war... Like cells fulfilling murderous functions within a body rather... petri dish wars among microscopic lifeforms.

Alien and cool
Looks so fucking cool huh?

There´s this powerful sensation that comes out of the story... You feel as if it´s already a reality, it´s pretty scary and depressing. A potent, cold DREAD permeates the story. I love it a lot. It has that bleak desolate feel of vintage SF, smells a bit like Bradbury minus most of the warmth...

The books are perfect because their prose is actually not too too great, perfect for the audiobook format (I don´t listen to properly poetic prose on audio, as it seems like a waste). Mind you, I´m not saying the books are badly written at all, just that the relationship between each of the words adding up to a phrase within them isn´t painfully beautiful, as is the case in someone like Kafka or Nabokov, so I can enjoy them while I draw, which is great.

It´s a shame that the Netflix adaptation appears to be garbage (won´t delve into that, judge for yourself if you want). I have to thank said garbage thought, for bringing to my attention the original novels and the very superior Chinese TV adaptation. The Chinese series is actually filled with cool visuals, cool moments, and allows one to properly savor the ominous story. Kind of incredible that they can manage to still make cool art in spite of their cruel circumstances, their minds crushed by that horrible communist regime...

The alien invaders that threaten Earth are clearly a metaphor for, you guessed it, COMMIES, as they function like a hivemind. They are unable to lie to each other... their thoughts are communicated to others of their species at the same times they are formed in their minds. It´s the ultimate communist fantasy of a world without proper individuals, a world devoid of art, devoid of internal strife. Communists detest individuals you know? It´s in the name. If you´re an individual, you should detest them right back.

It´s funny that the girl that summons the commie-aliens to our planet does so because she wants to punish the communist movementt that destroyed her family... Fighting fire with nuclear fire?

Truly a despair-inducing picture of our times.

The football
CLICK to summon the super-commies...

There IS an alternative though, to this world where the most one can hope for is SURVIVAL: a heavy, burdensome DUTY rather than a proper desire. As much as I am enjoying Mr. Liu´s (the author´s name is "Cixin Liu") OEUVRE the SF vision I propose in my first two books (and future books to come in the "YIFFING IN HELL" series) is very different.

War is a much more euphoric, dignified, erotic, fertile, savagely creative business in the worlds I chose to portray.

Super dog and the falling angels
War... is not about "good" but GREAT.

In any case, here is a new INHELL sneak peak, a different zone of the picture previously showcased. If you manage to re-cognize the characters in it CONGRATULATIONS you´re not a wholly uncultured swine!

re-cognize yourself

Catch you later alligator!

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