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Banquet alert! New INHELL art (+2videos)

Updated: Mar 8


First of all, let me reassure you, this post INCLUDES a new peek at the developing second chapter of INHELL. A good one.

I will admit, I have strayed a bit, busy with other projects, but I will 100% publish the second chapter in the first half of this year (give and take a couple of months).

Still haven´t completed my big treatise on the mysteries of identity, but that´ll be done very soon. Next week at the latest, maybe before that even.

Anyway, here you see the group getting along quite well, for a change, perhaps a permanent change, as our heroes seem to have come to their senses for good here. Conflict in the second chapter will be of a different nature to that of the first.

A lot going on here, and it´s WIP (missing elements on the white space below for example)

Teenagers nude group friends library of Athens
Gorgeous male... (The School of Athens)

That´s something I care about deeply: making sure each installment of "INHELL" has distinct merits/ambitions. No two will likely be alike.

What do you think? Pretty neat pic huh? Why don´t you share your opinion of it below, try it! What´s the worst that could happen?

Moving on then, to the videos I promised.

TWO clips, from two new series of short video essays: -""Social Construct" IS a social construct" (part of the "Gold Pill: Practical Guide to the Superman" series. (don´t know how to do the single quotation mark on this keyboard, sorry)

-"Why Guilty Gear´s TITLE Is Beautiful" (part of the "Why X Is Beautiful" series)

Share your opinion of these as well please, either here or in Youtube. Catch you later.

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