When a world is broken, its pieces then lie there, waiting for someone to come and build something new with them. Our world cannot even manage to call itself broken. It is mush.

My work is the product of two clashing forces within me. On one hand, an impulse to erode meaning and ideology. To expose the mechanisms of language, to fall into the violent absurdity of our bottomless world. On the other hand, the symmetrical mind demands the existence of a heaven to oppose to the hell that results from relativizing everything into mush.


I try to use as broad a palette as possible, collecting conflictive views, fetiches, fobias, language systems. From that cacophonous chaos questions arise. Questions such as "what can Digimon learn from Mark Rothko?"are often at the heart of my work. I love reaching for the roots of each element and finding a common ground where they can converse, maintaining a fluid hierarchy among them.


Initially I was in love with cinema, literature and comics. Intense interest in other forms of art came later. As a consequence of that, my works are figurative and almost always communicate a story of some sort. I understand that since one can read them as fantasy illustrations, people might not try and look for any deeper strategy at work. I feel nevertheless compelled to persevere in this path, even if it doesn't seem to fit anywhere. I want to think my target audience is people that, like me, consume vast amounts of information and stories, and are exposed to a wide gamut of schools of thought. They need to build a new structure of identity and beauty that can adapt and thrive in this postmodern nightmare of a world we inhabit. They seek that exhilarating confusion that is to be unsure about whether one is falling or flying.

Beyond figurative first-glance aesthetic pleasure, I hope you discover/project depths to plunge into here. BRAVE THEM. Let us become friends and learn from each other.