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Werewolves back to back (Rainbow maw)



About I

JOY; enough to fuel an infinity of infinities, endless worlds upon worlds, worlds of worlds, volcanic, yes, but cold as well, holding all the colors within.

 That is what  secretly propels us forward, despite our best effort to sour the affair. That is the inheritance every single child on Earth is entitled to, and the secret hidden behind the dark wall, the sad lie everyone cowers behind; slave morality.

What I perceived once as the great challenge of our time; postmodernism, I now understand to be just the agony of this sickly form of thinking, the one thing that would deserve the title: "evil" ( if such a thing could exist)

This hypocritical, impossible belief in life as a secondary phenomenon. The absurdity of a man saying: "I will not be the judge" (any statement is in itself a judgment of course). 


The idiocy of stating: "power is evil" (life is itself power manifest, identity through hierarchy)

Striving against this problem, the only real problem that could beset creatures such as us (a self imposed restraint), my work will heal the rift between reality and fantasy, to make out of them one realm, one continent of easy thoroughfare. The wound at the heart of language shall at last mend.

 Awaken into joy, awaken into the burning rainbow! Welcome all! Witness at last the defeat of "evil".

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