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Riches Grow (let none admire that)

I´m excited about today´s blog-post.

In it, I´ll share some shiny new IN HELL art, suggest new products that´ll be available for purchase in the near future... and cool your hot hearts with a fresh island song.



Getting the hang of this 3D biz, little by little

... As I´m sure you all remember, this cute MOFO made his first appearance in INHELL´s first chapter. He made quite the dramatic entrance.

Seemingly SUMMONED by the violent interactions among our sexy teenage heroes... he ROARED his way into existence, shouting out a shape.

A spiral shape.

It´s up to each viewer to try and imagine what sort of a sound a spiral makes. I invariably find the inspiration for my most sublime creations in music... perhaps moving in the opposite direction can be interesting as well. Try and imagine a sound to match the picture below.

BOOGIE stands for my deepest, highest ambitions. He (for he most definitively is a "he" despite having some hermaphroditic aspects to him) is made in the likeness of the creature I consider humanity´s greatest artistic triumph (Disney´s MICKEY MOUSE).

BOOGIE is a clown, an anthropomorphic dog, a fallen angel, and an ambassador of a new age to come (not to be confused with a "new age" ambassador).

Into his form are inscribed may mysteries, many treasures of the cosmos. The core jewels of being perhaps: the relationship between the circle and the spiral, between male and fe-male, and the miracle of FIRE, closely linked to time, movement, and yes, DIS-obedience.

An important detail: the cross that hangs from his neck is, like the cross that hangs from Arthur´s neck, a cross of St. Peter.

St Peter, about to be martyrized, asked to be crucified upside down. While the base interpretation is "oh he didn´t think he deserved to die in the same way as Christ did" I read a much more complex meaning within that mythic choice. I may have spoken about this already, but I see Peter´s inverted death as an attempt to "out-do" Jesus in his own game. A great mystery lurks within this gesture. I invite you to ponder it.

VARIOUS MOLDS will be made, using this 3D model as a base, and, from boiling cells, by strange conveyance, we shall fill each hollow nook, as in an organ from one blast of wind to many a row of pipes the soundboard breathes... Anon out of the production chains, gorgeous toys/sculptures will RISE, ready to be shipped to the abodes of eager acolytes/customers...

Does that sound enticing to you? I hope it does. Jokes aside, I do plan to include COOL NEW ART-TOYS in the upcoming Kickstarter campaign for INHELL´s THIRD glorious chapter.

I´ll share more details about that in the future, please look forward to that.

For now, I leave you with one extra peek at the second chapter (many pictures in this update, you really can´t complain)…

Another Gorgeous Dog

and the promised island song.

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Soundtrack - Grassland Groove (Finale) (in case the video gets taken down in the future)

Take care! Catch you later! Show my work to a friend!

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