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Feral Fantasy Feline Felix! (#FFFFelix)

I have something REALLY NEAT to share with you today.

A new project of mine I´m really excited about.

I... want to ask for (a little bit) of help with this one.

Again, new project being develop does not imply in any way that ongoing projects are forgotten. Case in point, I also have a new page of "IN HELL" to share with you all today (later within this very post).

The new project is something I have long dreamed of doing. A new adventure for a beloved character from the past...



Yes! A project meant to profit from the fact the amazing "Felix (the cat)" being now in the public domain!

This character means a lot to me. He is a precursor to Mickey Mouse, the inspiration for IN HELL´s "Boogie The Clown".

A creature at home within surreal dreams. A creature of wonder and merriment.

I often think, you see, about cats. Feral cats in particular, prowling the night, slinking from shadow to shadow like ninjas, GOING wherever they please, TRAVELING between houses, between worlds, MEETING and CONQUERING sensual little MOLLIES... ESCAPING (heroically) the jaws monstrous, slobbering dogs, PARTAKING of migratory birds, the smells of distant lands still clinging to their flesh...

I envy such a life, I fantasize about such a life constantly.

So, throw that in, throw in the sense of wonder found in works such as "Little Nemo", the dangerous and coolness of "Noir", the strange uncanny of surreal art... I want to get lost into Lynchian, feline, night-worlds with Felix.

I am asking, concretely for 30 RETWEETS. If I manage as much, the project will continue and you can expect a new Felix-flavored slice of art weekly.

I really need for people to become aware of my work. Please, help FERAL FANTASY FELINE FELIX (and his handsome creator) reach an audience, that is all I ask for.

I share here the link to the tweet (if you enjoy it and want to see more of it) retweet it and share it around to the best of you ability then:

Also, I share with you a recently completed spread from "IN HELL´s" second chapter: "Sons And Daughters Of Elysium":

I will talk more about this double page next week (and about Felix).

Until then: GLHF!

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