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What´s in a name?


Geladaa here. I´m hard at work in chapter II still, having trouble finding stuff to share with you though, as I´m still, for the most part, laying out the pages, and can´t really share the little thumbnail sketches because...

They would either not be legible/interesting at all, or would spoil the upcoming chapter completely.

What to do? What to do?

I choose to upload a couple of pages from another comic book project of mine, here. This work is called "NOMBRES VS HOMBRES" ("names vs men" in English).

It features a character near and dear to my heart: ANT MAN (or that´s what I would call him if the name wasn´t already taken).

No, this guy goes by "Mr. Legion".

He´s an anthropomorphic ant. A loner, bit of an odd trait for an ant admittedly.

Really poured my heart and soul into this one, and a lot of thought as well. Yep, very proud of it (I feel like I say that too often, is that a good or a bad sign?).

GAWK at the mysterious cover!

Now available at the shop! Make it yours today!

NOTE: The file includes not ONE but TWO comics, the second one, titled "TADAAM" is quite the spectacular affair (I mean that literally). Inspired by the work of René Magritte, the amazing surreal artist. PS: It´s in Spanish, but don´t worry, as I include a translation along with the PSD file. There is very little text, and most of the words are understandable as they have the same Latin root. Example: "vehículo" (Spanish) "vehicle" (English)

Have a nice one.

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