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Another update! Loaded with art, loaded with SINCERITY, loaded with hope that it may reach you, dear reader, in good health.

IMMA share not one, but TWO pieces of art to-day.

Two works that orbit the concept of THE BOMB.

Yes, I recently did a post about "Barbie"... now is the time to do a post on "Oppenheimer".

MAN I did not like that film AT-ALL; limp commie dribble, with a limp-as-fuck "Trinity test" scene... No worth mentioning at all in the long and distinguished list of "amazing representations of nuclear blasts in the history of art". We need not agree on our evaluation of the film of course, just my 2 cents.

In any case, I´m sharing two works of mine while work on the second part of "IN HELL" continues. Hopefully I´ll be able to share new peeks into that soon.

Two derivative works; the first inspired by the wondrous "SHIN GODZILLA" (by none other than the Hideakiest of Annos himself: Hideaki Anno) the second, inspired by the no-less wondrous "BIG GUY AND RUSTY THE ROBOT" by Frank Miller and Geoff Darrow.

"Big Guy" is very inspired, among other things, by the original Godzilla film of course.

These two pictures of mine feature prominent, mighty DEATH-PHALLI, which are sure to delight the death-phallus lovers among you.

Click on the pictures to better enjoy them.

"Death-Dragon´s Tail"

"Fatman/Little Boy"

Share this post with someone that might enjoy them! Take care of yourselves! Don´t piss into electrified fences!

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