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I have an ambitious project.

My comics are a vehicle for a radical, fantastic new angle from which to perceive existence.

I hope to make you all proud one day to have been early adopters of a philosophy that might just well rule the future (fingers crossed).

I of course know how anything ambitious sounds: it sounds coo-coo.

We have been conditioned from an early age by endless tales of "hubris", endless tales of punished ambition... We have been conditioned to distrust "greed" and "vanity"... label it foolish, label it sinful.

Now, that doesn´t mean one gets to just dream any dream and make-believe it has the potency to conquer the world, of course.

I understand very well the value of exposing an idea to antagonistic perspectives, antagonistic arguments. Strife is the mother of all strength. The tell-tale sign of a weak idea is its aversion to being challenged (a very common spectacle nowadays).

I shall present this project of mine to the world, to you, that you may judge its value, and adopt it only if it conquers your heart fair and square.

In any case, JOHNNY, our resident "rebel without a cause" has a project as well, I share here an image in which he holds it aloft, and presents it to his team.

Along with this fragment, let me show this (very pertinent) image to you. It was created by illustrator Karl Hubenthal, published as a response to the death of art-emperor Walt Disney. This image is, in my opinion, a strong candidate for "greatest work of art every created". Johnny´s project, my great project as well, is very intimately related to this mournful piece of glory. If you carefully take account of the elements that compose it, you will gain insight into "IN HELL´s" future.

Gorgeous! Notice, if you will, the union of the square and the circle, and the vertical lines in the background, as if the spheres where, like tears, falling in the void.

See you next week!

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