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Charismatic Mexi-CAN cartoonist extraordinaire GELADAA greets you amicably. I bring you an update with a slice of art (from IN HELL´s second chapter) and a NEW VIDEO, a new chapter in my "guide to the Superman" series.

First, the pic, here it is, knock yourself out:

Barbie Sphynx

(Read my previous blog-post on BARBIE here)


ON to the spectacularly important video: "On Technical Language Or For A Chemist, Nothing Is Dirty" tackles the heart of the Superman project, which is technical/primary/positive language/thought. Listen to the course, do the exercises and develop a fundamentally different relationship to existence (a far superior one).

This rather long video is divided into chapters, here is a list of their titles, that you may be enticed. -Hello

-ONE The path to the Superman

-TWO-Pink fluff

-THREE-Negativity is only comparison

-FOUR-Mr. Spock

-FIVE -A painting of a hole, a painting of a mountain

-SIX- On tinted words

-SEVEN-Master morality

-EIGHT-Key ideas, don´t worry too much about understanding them right away

-NINE Destroyed pillars of slave-morality

-First destroyed pillar: ERROR

-Second destroyed pillar: CRIME

-Third destroyed pillar: SIN

-Fourth destroyed pillar: God

-A final note before moving on to the exercise descriptions

-TEN – Exercise description, or “learning technical thinking/adopting technical language” Have a great week! Become Superman (or Superwo-man), drink a nice beer (just no Budweiser products) Love, Geladaa.

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