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Complete first page!

So, a pretty late update, but an update nonetheless.

A pretty meaty one as it features a complete double page, probably the first page of the book.

Now, if you haven´t read the past updates that feature panels taken from this spread, I still encourage you to go back and check them out, as they feature more in-depth discussions of each individual slice.

There is a Tarot-ish kind of feeling to this spread that I enjoy quite a bit.

I am very much a fan of feeling what I at times call "mechanical detail" in art. What I mean by "mechanical detail" in this context is "detail that has function"; details that feel like they each contribute a key part to the whole, similar to numbers and symbols in math.

Similar to adding a comical "not!" at the end of a sentence, stuff that has the potential to grant completely new meaning to the stuff around it.

I´ll share the page and let you (hopefully) enjoy it and ponder it. I might decide to talk about it later, as it´s a pretty complex piece of clockwork, we´ll see.

Gotta get back to work. See you in a week! (ish)

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