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Superman: a practical course

I have something real nice for you to-day. A video! Ain´t that exciting? It is. It really is.

Do you recognize the figure in the picture to the left? it is meant to illustrate the resistance within us all. Resistance to glorious change.

Said glorious change is portrayed as a MESSAGE none too gently rapping, rapping at your chamber door (in the complete illustration available below)

I crafted this howling wolf to serve as a visual for a video series that has for a long time been in the works. At last, I can release the first chapter in: THE GOLD PILL: A PRACTICAL GUIDE TO THE SUPERMAN

THE SUPERMAN: a far more fantastical creature than you can imagine.This course will, for zero dollars and zero cents, offer a clear and concrete explanation of the dream, and the means to make it a reality.

Click forth then, a brave new world (not that one, a way better one) awaits!

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