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Updated: Jul 1, 2023

Is such an interesting beast.

HORROR is the most virile of genres.

HORROR is the most virile of genres and VIRILITY is, I believe, the core virtue, the first virtue, the foundational virtue.

Raw strength, raw power. You can then spend said power however you see fit, but you need power first.

Think of the Sun, the Sun is raw power; an orb of furious plasma... It has no "morality" it just asserts itself/himself/herself, holds the entire Solar system in a fiery grasp and thus creates a space for life to develop (said life being almost entirely dependent on Solar power).

Horror seeks power, it seeks to be honest, it seeks traumatic honesty, morbidly poking the things that scare us the most. To seek pleasure there, in the darkest, most violent and vile of places within us, I can´t think of anything of a more aristocratic thing. In any case, Geladaa´s comics will always have a "horror" aspect to them.

CASE in point, allow me to share an element previously shared, now retouched and reworked (and looking much better I think).

Christine discovers something, something horrifying. What could it be?

It´s actually the thing people fear most, the most horrifying thing, the thing people will do anything to avoid facing.

People will rather amputate themselves, they will kill their own children/parents, they will burn the world over and over and over instead of confronting what Christine is confronting.

Look forward to discovering what that horrifying thing in the near future, and in the meantime, gather strength!

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