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Word vs meaning

Check this out.

I have some stuff to share WITH YOU, TODAY.

In it I re-thread an idea previously established in chapter I. The chain icon. In the original composition two interlocking links of chain are shown, each seen at a different angle. I am quite happy with what the way this simple symbol interacts with the context in which it is placed. A virile member vigorously vanquishing its no less vital counterpart.

Compare/contrast with this NEW, recently completed panel, which showcases a very similar symbol, now granted new meaning by a new context.

This is actually more dizzying than you may realize at first. It is very fun to let your mind actually play with the implications of these equations...


You know, everything you just read/looked at in this blog-post is composed of binary code, layers and layers of it.

English works like that. Music works like that.

All languages in fact work in this way. They work around ONE core antagonism; the friction between object and subject, external and internal, word and meaning.

Complexity is based upon, grows on... simplicity.

Things grow UPWARDS.

PS: The update above is meant for readers above 21 years of age. If you are younger than that and read/looked at it, you have been irreversibly traumatized. Won´t pretend I care. See you next week!

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