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The Satanic back

I´m sure you´ve seen images like this many times. It´s THE video-game image in a way: a character´s back, turned to the viewer, inviting us to pour our empathy into it. Something that both grants you a presence on the page and puts you into an antagonistic relationship with whatever lies in front of the character. Adventure distilled.

I´m so in love with that sort of image. Apparently it´s linked to some sorts of family dynamics. Like the rest of my work, I guess it paints a picture of what my life has been. It´s also, in my opinion, Satan´s perfect form. As it is the ideal illustration of ego. "An image of oneself/an image of adversarial being/an image of individuality". Similar to writing the word "I" (which is a phallic/verticality symbol for your presence on a page).

This first panel comes from the first chapter of IN HELL, and features Johnny awakening to a strange world, and confronting it, acting as the reader´s avatar on the page.

The second panel, the one I share below (from the chapter currently in development), reproduces a similar situation, but replaces one rebel with another. In it it is lovely Christine that confronts Hell´s surreal horizon instead of her male counterpart.

Let me share some key names, terms, concepts that you can think about if you want to reflect about this slice of "IN HELL"



Caspar David Friedrich

Monk by the Sea (painting)







The blank page



Fist-open hand

Nude female form


Vanishing point


Etc... (Have a nice week)

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