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The Fall


Astute readers must by now by aware that, whatever else I may be, I AM very serious about this teenage-sounding SATANISM biz of mine.

The gist of it being: John Milton, the grand artist whose work I place below no other, created a self-portrait of such sublime, mind-expanding beauty in "Paradise Lost" that I can't help but READ existence thru it. I READ my life, I READ all fiction thru it.

I understand all stories as taking place within/around "Paradise Lost".

Everything rings true-ER, everything blossoms into greatER beauty, for me, when I think of it that way. It's not something I enforce, it's not something I try to do, it's not a "faith" I protect. I challenge it, in fact, but it conquers me every time, with its truth, with its beauty, with its potency.

Something even better may come to me in time, but so far, and for the foreseeable future, this suffices me as a "soul", as a NORTH.

"Paradise Lost", to me, is the story behind all stories, and "Satan" is the name behind all names, the name in fact, behind the ACT of naming, the very principle of BEING, the principle of ANTAGONISM.

My Satanism, while a very elaborate construction, has a very simple principle at its core. Nietzsche states that the man that was exalted by what previously he calls "master morality" (polytheistic morality that is) is now demonized by "slave/monotheistic morality"... in very much the same way as the serpent, once an icon of renewal and immortality, life-giving rain and POWER in most if not all ancient cultures, was inverted into a figure of "Evil" by "slave morality".

Never-ending story AURYN

Satanism IS, at its core, a completely different, a deeply different system of morality to that which governs the life of the huge majority.

Real fancy/aristocratic stuff.

In any case, returning to today´s art and the idea of "the fall".

I remember reading somewhere that our first experience outside of our mother´s womb is one of vertigo. The discovery of our first and most constant foe: GRAVITY (which isn´t a "force", but the "curvature-of-space-time" you know). We "fall" out of the womb into this world, here to forever contend against the ground's constant pull, and we dream most of all of FLIGHT. Another reason to feel that Satan is not just Milton's but man's self-portrait as well. It is just sad that people fail to realize pleasure cannot exist without pain, or joy without grief. There is no "Heaven" as the very act of feeling, of TOUCH depends on FRICTION depends on COMBUSTION.

What sort of creature could ever desire a world antithetical to its very self? For that is what people yearn for when they yearn for "heaven"...

The piece I´m sharing today features seven heroes falling from a shared dream, back into ADVENTURE:

Satan falling to Earth heroes
A "collab" with grand illustrator Gustave Doré!

INHELL'S second chapter "Sons and Daughters of Elysium" acts as a preamble to a BIG AGE OF ADVENTURE to be showcased on the third chapter.

I´ll share more stuff soon, in the mean time, I leave you with this little JEWEL from Don Bluth´s "All Dogs Go To Heaven"; a gloriously Satanic movie by a "devout Christian"...

Featuring one of the most heartbreakingly BEAUTIFUL description of this wretched, fallen, sinful world of ours... (around 4 minutes into the clip)

See you later alligator!

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