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Like The Spider

For a comic book author like yours truly, what is the most pleasant part of creation?

(You ask)

A perfectly reasonable query.

My answer: sketching the pages of course!

A squiggly little group of lines is all I need to "see" the complete page before me. It feels as if I´m soaring, a dreamer that dreams and also lives his own creation; true omnipotence.

Yes. Nothing quite like it. And I say this as someone that finds great joy at every stage of the creative process (except of course when I have to promote the darn thing).

The inconvenient part, for the purpose of producing blog-posts, is that those squiggly lines, so full of meaning for me, are indescifrable for any other person. No point in sharing them with you I´m afraid.

What to do then? I HAVE to share SOMETHING. I HAVE to share SOMETHING!... I just KNOW you´ll likely DIE without your weekly fix, hopelessly addicted as the lot of you are to my specific brand of fantasy-horror comics... But I have no new shareable IN HELL content, hélas... I´ll have something for you NEXT week, this I promise. This week, let me point you towards a couple of different things I´m proud of, things I think some of you might enjoy. How bout a two-part video delving into some of the fascinatingly cruel things lurking beneath the hood of my favorite Batman episode?

And, to top that off, a "making-off" video where I lay explain the process by which I produced an illustration recently?

Click on those! They should tide you over I hope. If not, you can always get yourself something REAL NICE (if you haven´t yet) by purchasing my two other comic-books! You are BOUND to love them if you enjoyed IN HELL.

Anyway, know I think very warmly of you. Have a great week!

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