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Kiss Me Deadly

Hello again. Hope you´re having a nice one. You pal, Geladaa, greets you amicably. You know, you really should read the past blogposts you missed, you should, you´d enjoy them I´m sure.


Watched a great film yesterday: "Kiss Me Deadly" a big NOIR classic. Watch it, invest in your souls.

Absolutely INSANE ending, real fucking sucker punch, I mean it.

Here´s a screen-grab, isn´t it mysterious? The whole movie ORBITS this fabulous horror at the heart of it all, gloriously uncovered very near its end. What could lurk behind that door? What great Minotaur lies in wait, ready to pounce, at the heart of the labyrinth?

A recurring trope in that sort of film is that of a girl, or a woman if you prefer, screaming, hysterical after uncovering some horrifying secret. I have FAMOUSLY promised you juicy, oh so very juicy secrets/abominable revelations in the upcoming second chapter of IN HELL. I intent to deliver. For now, you get another drawing of Christine, recoiling in horror. Notice the loving care place on the lines, shapes, colors, on the vibe.

Another tidbit to tide you by, you incorrigible junkies you.

Please: check out past blog-posts you might have missed! Last week´s in particular features both a really beautiful quote by none other than THE Vladimir Nabokov, and glowing, golden artwork by yours truly; a picture certainly worth a thousand words at the very least. Warm regards, Geladaa

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