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Great artists steal!

Allow me to do two things. FIRST!

To a some fan-art with you lovely gents. A piece made in response to the work to an artist whose work I respect. He, like yours truly, does independent comics.

I did this piece to celebrate and explore some ideas Nick Pitarra´s "Ax-Wielder Jon" inspired in me. Ideas around the concept of "the diagonal". I hope you find the result interesting. TRY to ponder it a bit, don´t be content with the dopamine snack that comes from discovering it, rather, think about what it means, what it can mean, allow yourself to dream a bit within its confines.

Many patterns should be easily discernible, allowing to get you started. If you can, share what they elicit in you. "No wrong answers" as they say.

Work continues for "IN HELL" of course, but I thought I would share something different this week.

SECOND! Let want to remind you; I did post an update during the week, but noticed very few among you read it. It features a complete page from the upcoming comic, DO check it out after you´re done here. I´m confident you´ll enjoy it. Don´t have a good one, have a great one!

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