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First page? First steps?

Hello! You have fallen into my ever-so-clever click-bait trap.

You fool.

Might as well check out the update.

This might be the first page of the second chapter of IN HELL.

There are ideas here, a great many of them, that a person, armed with knowledge, curiosity, and intelligence might enjoy delving into. If you know someone that fits that bill please direct them to this update!

I strive to make every page in my work worthy of being someone´s favorite, and this one is no exception.

CHRISTINE awakens again, IN HELL, but is this really Hell? The same Hell she awakened to before? Has something changed? Who knows? Certainly not Heaven! Heaven has nothing to do with it, Heaven has nothing to do with anything.

Heaven is that which, by definition cannot exist, the core principle of existence being... relativity.

See you next week!

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