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Dream? Astral Projection?

Updated: Jan 22, 2023

Another week, another page, another post. I´ll try to keep this one brief.

The second chapter of "IN HELL" was one of the first things that popped into my mind while developing the general outline of this project. Here I share a preview of one of the first pages from said chapter (to be titled "Sons and Daughters of Elysium"). A chapter very much meant to take the relay from that beautiful, classic film (The Breakfast Club) and run with it.

My version of that long day spent together in detention at school. A much more dreamlike version of that sort of bonding session.

I chose to include a couple of visual and thematic references I´m using. Pro-tip for all artists out there: carefully articulating your references is a good way to isolate the merit of your own work compared to what you have inherited.

Is the figure above sleeping Christine her astral body? Is she dreaming? Where is she headed, and what sort of thing will be revealed to her there?

I will tell you.

She is headed to a place beyond the human, beyond Plato, beyond the boundaries of the dim and grim world humanity inhabits, she is headed home.

See you next week!

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