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Demons In Hell

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

Watched the "Kimetsu No Yaiba" movie-theater preview thing. It featured a really cool scene of demons meeting in a sort of infinite, Escher-like Japanese palace.

Really cool. Spectacular animation, music, the works... You can watch a very small slice of said scene here:

BUT one thing that felt not precisely lackluster but perhaps "vulgar" to me is that they (the demons) like the rest of the characters in the show, seemed a bit limited and transparent to me. Of course many of them feature attractive features and all of them are set up in a convincing, succinct way... they manage to be memorable archetypes. You can argue that making them "flawed", makes the whole production feel more "real". They are meant to be neurotic after all, demons in the show are meant to be illustrations of human neurosis. At one point the head demon chastises the rest by alluding to the fact they haven´t "shed their humanity" fully, but he does this while basically throwing a tantrum (a very human, angry tantrum). I was disappointed (just a tad) as I want to dream of TRUE demons. There ARE some TRUE demons out there, whose voice carries the menace of a potent, alternative philosophy.

This guy for example, from "Blood C" really sounds like a proper demon should:

"You are the same; the ones above control those below, while working for those they wish to control, but there are things that cannot be controlled" OUF

The second chapter of "IN HELL" features a similar scene, a meeting of characters IN HELL, specifically, within a sort of astral palace.

I want to provide a vision of characters that ARE in a much more convincing way evolving beyond humanity, characters that are both IN-human and SUPER-human. Is that not the most fantastic thing one could wish for? Beyond a fantasy setting, characters imbued with truly fantastical SOULS. Characters whose speech astounds and frightens.

Please look forward to that later this year.

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