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This week update is late again...That´s no good, but whatever, moving on.

It´s actually a bit of a challenge, finding stuff to share at this stage of the process, as there´s a lot of sketching to be done, images that are hard to decipher if one´s not me.

But one finds a way.

I care deeply about creating spreads that function as paintings. I want you to be hit by an awesome, surprising vision every time you turn the page. That means defining what the bottom right corner of each page spread features is of great importance, as it´s the big question that will be answered by the upcoming spectacle, once you turn that page.

I found something to share this week, which is a series of "cliffhangers", scrambled out of order; a series of portraits of lovely Christine, our guide for the first pages of the next chapter, reacting to different (likely fantastical) things.

You get to wonder what is it she is reacting to, is that not fun?

Well I think it´s fun.

See you later this week! Won´t be late again!

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