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Character Classes

Friends! Hello again.

A week elapsed without an update! Could not be helped for various reasons, but we are back now, rejoice. This update will feature not one or two but NINE new pieces of art to digest!

Verily, an embarrassment of riches.

These illustrations are part of "IN HELL´s" second chapter of course. They are all inspired by the famous illustration that graced the first "Castlevania" game, you know the one.

I am obsessed with images of characters seen from the back as you know. Acting as third person, they are the very essence of Satanism (to me) and point to profound mysteries. The mystery of empathy, the mystery of inter-subjectivity, the mysteries of individuality, language, and the relationship we have with our parents. In particular, I feel they express much about the father-son relationship.

These won´t be presented as they are here in the upcoming chapter, isolated. Rather, they´ll be integrated into quite the elaborate composition, please look forward to that.

PS: Hey, if you can, please give the last blog-post a click! It includes a near-complete page from the new chapter, and also a cool new project I´m trying to get off the ground. Check it out, you´ll enjoy it!

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