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Hi. Let us share some fun stuff.

Didn´t really work on the comic this week. Worked on other projects, but that´s no excuse to miss an update. Here, check this out: Illustrations for Milton´s "Paradise Lost", based on the designs by "Tokika" (an illustrator that seems to have disappeared from the net) Satan:

His son/grandson; Death (spirits can either sex assume, or both):

His daughter/lover; Sin:

Some previous works of art illustrating the same passage of the glorious poem (by Fuseli and Blake) :

The pertinent excerpt (from Milton´s masterpiece):

Each at the head

Levelled his deadly aim; their fatal hands

No second stroke intend; and such a frown

Each cast at th’ other as when two black clouds,

With heaven’s artillery fraught, came rattling on

Over the Caspian,—then stand front to front

Hovering a space, till winds the signal blow

To join their dark encounter in mid-air.

So frowned the mighty combatants that Hell

Grew darker at their frown; so matched they stood;

For never but once more was wither like

To meet so great a foe. And now great deeds

Had been achieved, whereof all Hell had rung,

Had not the snaky Sorceress, that sat

Fast by Hell-gate and kept the fatal key,

Risen, and with hideous outcry rushed between.

“O father, what intends thy hand,” she cried,

“Against thy only son? What fury, O son,

Possesses thee to bend that mortal dart

Against thy father’s head? Pretty cool stuff huh? Satan, Death and Sin, rule existence. I know this sounds like a really bad thing, but it´s actually a really, really good thing if you think about it. Anyway, hope you have a great one, catch you later alligator.

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