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HELL-o! Geladaa here, hope this finds you well. Bringing you a sunny new update!

The rough storyboards done, I can now produce (and thus share) art at a much steadier rate.

Here is another slice of "Sons and Daughters of Elysium" to delight and intrigue you:

(touch it if you wish enlarge it)

Featuring Christine again, and a very pedagogic (if I do say so myself) illustration of the principle of "slave morality". ALSO: a new setting! A high school hallway filled with mysterious locked lockers.

The completed page is a much more elaborate affair; an equation of elements that is sure to lead you to unsuspected new heights of cognitive bliss... But you´ll have to wait to discover that in the not to distant future.

In the meantime, have a great one!

Catch you later.

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