Hello Edmund, my name is Pablo Rincón aka Geladaa

Now, I know you are very succesful game developper, admired by many (including me) and that therefore a lot of people want to talk to you. You are surely a busy man, I have to try thought, I´ll explain to you why, briefly.

I think we are interested in  adressing a similar problem, that is what I call "database culture". Videogames can be described as systems where you try to enhance the value of a database  filled with assets, with art. You can say the game serves the art or the art serves the game, it doesn´t matter too much I think. I believe your output has been to date really genius.  Isaac manages this big pool of references and elements, makes them come to life, and yet flattens them all at the same time. It´s a game about language and meaning today, for our age, and it manages to weave all these addictive systems of punishment and reward into the experience, no wonder everyone plays it to hell and back. You portray in it incredible richness and just dire, bare austerity, a bit like superflat art. I am not used to writing like this, I want to convey how serious and how sincere my admiration is, and then convince you to take a look at my work. I believe deals with very similar issues in a very similar way, albeit in a different medium (painting and comics). We might not come to know each other personally, but I think since I enjoy your work so much, it´s only fair for me to try and show you my work. It´s of course, not entirely about hugs and good feelings. I want to ask your help in promoting a recent graphic novel of mine. I am self publishing it (via kickstarter), and trying to build a mailing list at the moment. Just a tweet or two of yours could probably change my destiny forever. I want to ask you to take a look at my work (I´ll send you the complete book if you´re interested, just don´t leak it please), and consider helping me a bit.

No hard feelings if you don´t care.

Best regards,

Pablo Rincón (aka Geladaa)